The AFM-IR technique enables us, for the first time, to test decades-old hypotheses in surface engineering, corrosion and coatings science with speed, precision and at unprecedented spatial resolution.
-Prof. Stuart Lyon
Akzo Nobel Professor of Corrosion Control
University of Manchester
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Nanoscale IR spectroscopy - 3 Scientific Sessions with 15 contributed presentations at ScIX conference:
Sep 27-Oct 2, Providence, RI

Nanoscale IR spectroscopy (AFM-IR) continues its rapid adoption among leading industrial and academic researchers for a variety of applications. We invite you to the SciX conference at Providence, Rhode Island from September 27 to October 2, 2015. For the first time, there are 3 sessions devoted to nanoscale IR spectroscopy with over 15 talks on various Applications. Click the button to the right for more details on the key speakers and talks.