AFM-IR workshop at the University of Delaware

Detailed introduction to AFM-IR spectroscopy and chemical imaging. Scientific talks will cover theory and principles of the AFM-IR technique, along with recent data on a variety of applications solutions.

NIST researchers enabled by AFM-IR to publish first nanoscale IR Spectra of individual plasmonic nanostructures

Anasys Instruments reports on the recent AFM-IR results from the Energy Research Group at NIST recently published in the journal for Advanced Optical Materials. The paper is entitled “Nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy of plasmonic modes...

Anasys Instruments is a manufacturer of afm-atomic force microscopes, thermal scanning microscopy and nanoscale IR-infrared metrology equipment. We provide thermal analysis solutions and surface finish-roughness nano measurement tools for the biology, chemical, medical, semi-conductor industries among others. We also make patented ThermaLever™ probes and heated afm tips. Ask our company for a price-cost quote here.