After evaluating the competing technologies for nanoscale chemical composition of polymers, we chose to bring the powerful nanoscale IR spectroscopy (AFM-IR) technology into ExxonMobil. We liked that AFM-IR spectra correlate well to FTIR spectral libraries without peak shifts or distortions that are intrinsic to techniques that measure scattered light. The AFM-IR instrument is easy to use – we were able to get it up and running quickly and to obtain key insights into our samples within a couple of weeks, despite having no prior AFM experience.
Mauritz Kelchtermans Ph.D
Project Leader, Global Advanced Characterization
ExxonMobil Chemical (Retired)

Webinar: Nanoscale IR spectroscopy (AFM-IR) for Life Sciences Applications, with Guest Speaker Dr. Simone Ruggeri of Cambridge University

Nanoscale IR spectroscopy (AFM-IR) has beenused in a variety of life sciences application including the exciting application of Protein Secondary structure of a single fibril. Our guest speaker, Dr. Simone Ruggeri from Cambridge University pioneered this application and he will discuss this research which recently appeared in a recent Nature Communications publication. This work led to the first experimental evidence of a protein misfolding theory and it could change pharmacological and technological approaches to protein aggregation... read more