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 AFM+ VideoGet More than an Image, Get an
Understanding of It
AFM Image GalleryAFM Product and Application Images
AFM-IR TechnologyOur nanoIR combines atomic force microscopy (AFM) with the precise chemical identification of infrared spectroscopy
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AFM Heated TipsUse your favorite AFM imaging modes
with our proprietary thermal probes
AFM ThermaLever™
ThermaLever™ characteristics
that distinguish them from previous commercially available thermal
AFM ApplicationsNanoIR Platform Combined with AFM
AFM ApplicationsPolymer Multilayer Films
AFM News-ArticlesNIST Use Anasys Nanoscale AFM-IR
Imaging to Characterize Plasmonics
AFM News-ArticlesUniversity publication on nanoscale
chemical analysis via AFM-IR
AFM News-ArticlesAFM-based infrared spectroscopy and
drug resistant bacteria study
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