Nano thermal analysis applications

Nano thermal analysis (nanoTA), pioneered by Anasys Instruments, is available as a module that integrates with your AFM. Hundreds of labs worldwide use nanoTA to go beyond the limits of traditional thermal analysis, achieving inisights into:
• Tg and Tm transition measurements on thin films and nanoscale domains within polymer blends
• Spatial variation of polymer cross-linking; Cure rates/defects in coatings
• Transition temperature microscopy to quantify and map thermal transitions (TTM)
• Scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) for device failure analysis and other applications

Featured nanoTA applications notesIdentification of particle in polymer film
Analyzing nanoscale inclusions in a polymer matrix
Multilayer biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films
Heated tip-AFM of energetic materials
Heated tip-AFM of membrane nanocomposites
Nano-structure properties of a drug release coating
Raman spectroscopy resolution limits overcome by nano-TA in a polymer blend characterization
Blend morphology of nanoscale thin films
Nanoscale thermal analysis of automobile coatings
Correlation of nanoscale to bulk thermal analysis
Structure-property correlation of bio-nanocomposites
Localized thermal analysis: identification of a sub-micron defect in an aromatic diamine coating
Localized thermal analysis of applications in non-impact printing
Transition temperature microscopy: interpreting the morphology of an immiscible polymer blend
NanoTA thermal probe repeatability
Nanoscale thermal analysis of medical devices and implants

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