Anasys Instruments is proud to co-host the second annual EFNS with the Research Group Electrochemical and Surface Engineering (SURF) of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (website here). Conference topics will address the impact of nanoscale IR spectroscopy in materials science, life sciences, polymeric studies and beyond.

Click here view all invited speaker abstracts.

The program will include:
  • Lectures by renowned researchers in nanoIR spectroscopy
  • Poster sessions for participants to highlight their recent nanoIR research
  • Evening event to meet and network within the nanoIR community
  • System demonstrations of the nanoIR2-s, highlighting Anasys' latest achievements

Conference topics:
  • Latest research for AFM-IR and scattering SNOM technology for nanoscale FT-IR spectroscopy and chemical imaging including polymeric materials, life science and 2D materials
  • The latest technology advancements in AFM-IR and scattering SNOM based nanoscale IR spectroscopy
This year, attendees are encouraged to submit an abstract for research enabled by nanoscale IR spectroscopy. Guidelines on topics and submission process can be viewed on the submission page.

After the success of EFNS 2016 in collaboration with Instytut Fizyki Jądrowej, Anasys Instruments is excited to welcome you to the 2nd annual EFNS.

The conference agenda will be announced soon!

Keynote speakers include:
  • Prof. Alexandre Dazzi, Université Paris-Sud
  • Dr. Suzanne Morsch, University of Manchester
  • Prof. Tue Hassenkam, University of Copenhagen
  • Dr. Francesco Simone Ruggeri, University of Cambridge
  • Dr. Miriam Unger, Anasys Instruments

Young researcher focus:
  • Timur Shaykhutdinov, ISAS - e.V.
  • Francesca Cavezza, Vrije Universiteit Brussel