Laser Accessories and AFM Options

The application modules are available as plug in modules for the nanoIR2-s and nanoIR2-FS systems and provide complementary nanoscale mapping with nanoscale Thermal analysis, conductive AFM & Kelvin Probe Force microscopy capabilities.

Laser Switch: (Figure 2)
Allows users to switch between OPO and QCL laser sources on systems that are equipped with both lasers. Available on the nanoIR2 and nanoIR2-FS.


Thermal Analysis: (Application Module)
Enables the user to select any point (or series of points) on the AFM image to obtain localized transition temperatures, i.e. Tg and Tm, image the transition temperatures across the sample surface via the mode of Transition Temperature Microscopy (TTM) and collect maps of the sample surface showing variation in relative thermal conductivity or relative temperature across the surface (SThM). Available on all Anasys systems and as an addition to select third-party AFMs.

Image: Nanoscale thermal analysis of a PS-PMMA blend deposited on glass. A scan (left) shows indents in the surface caused by temperature ramps (right). The data from the PS (red) and PMMA (green) clearly differentiate the two materials. Also shown is data from a thin film of PS on PMMA (blue) showing the initial penetration of the PS followed by the melting of the PMMA.

Lorentz Contact Resonance Mode:
(Software options, probes & samples)

Allows the user to study molecular orientation with nanoscale spatial resolution by changing the input polarization of the IR light while studying the associated changes in the nanoscale IR spectra and/or chemical maps at a certain wavenumber. Available on all Anasys systems.

Image: AFM image (left) and a series of Lorentz Contact Resonance mechanical spectra (right) on a blend of polystyrene (PS) and low density polyethylene (LDPE). LCR spectra clearly distinguish the PS and LDPE by the positions and amplitudes of the resonant peaks.

Conducting AFM (CAFM): (Application Module)
Allows the user to obtain simultaneous height and current flow maps of the sample surface. Available on all Anasys systems.


Image: Height (Left) and Conductivity (Right) images of a nanocomposite polymer.
Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM): (Application Module) Allows the user to obtain surface potential measurements. Available on all Anasys systems.


Image: Height (Left) and Surface Potential (Right) images of a nanocomposite polymer.

Environmental Enclosure:
Provides humidity control in an enclosed environment. The humidity control goes from 4% to 95%, non-condensing. Available on the nanoIR2 and nanoIR2-FS.

Fluid Imaging Accessory:
Accessory for Fluid Imaging. Contact Anasys for upgrades to installed systems. Available on all Anasys systems.


Sample Heater/Cooler System:
Provides heating and cooling over a practical range of 4°C to 80°C. When used with a separate environmental enclosure, a working range of -20°C to 80°C is available. Available on the nanoIR2 and nanoIR2-FS.