nanoIR2-FSTM with Tapping AFM-IRTM and FASTspectraTM – nanoscale IR spectroscopy platform

The nanoIR2-FS is the latest generation nanoscale IR spectroscopy, 10nm resolution chemical imaging, and material property mapping system for both materials science and life science applications. Using a proprietary photothermal infrared technique with AFM based detection, the nanoIR provides spectroscopic capabilities that provide excellent correlation to FTIR transmission spectra on a wide range of material types, enabling nanoscale FTIR measurement. Unique Tapping AFM-IR provides spatial resolution to 10nm for high resolution chemical mapping on both organic and inorganic materials.


nanoIR2-S with POINTspectra and nanoFTIR

A nanoscale IR spectroscopy and imaging platform combining highest performance scattering SNOM, photothermal based AFM-PTIR and advanced material property mapping capabilities with AFM performance that rivals the best of high end AFM’s. These 2 complementary techniques offer chemical analysis, as well as chemical and optical imaging with spatial resolution of 10nm for both organic and inorganic applications. Additional mechanical, electrical and thermal property mapping capabilities provide a complete materials characterization platform. The nanoIR2-s provides options for chemical imaging and spectroscopy in mid-IR, visible and near IR regions.

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) afm+ Product Image


The afm+© from Anasys is a full featured Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with powerful analytical capabilities that make it much more than just an imaging tool. The afm+ is easy to set up and operate, there is decades of AFM expertise distilled into instrument design which means faster time to results, even for novice users. Reveal what you have been missing with the afm+.

nanoTA & SThM

Nanoscale Thermal Analysis (nano-TA2)
Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM)

Anasys Instruments offers a multitude of capabilities for AFM users, including scanning thermal microscopy and nano thermal analysis. The SThM module (comprising controller, software and probes) enables your AFM to be able to do temperature mapping of their sample with 0.1ºC resolution. nano-TA2 is the second generation of the nano thermal analysis (nano-TA) module from Anasys, and allows sub-100 nm local thermal analysis for commercially available AFMs.

ThermaLever Probe

ThermaLever™ Probes

ThermaLever™ probes are batch fabricated silicon probes composed of doped silicon. These probes have a heater integrated into the end of the cantilever which allows them to be heated in a controlled fashion to around 400˚ C at very rapid heating rates.