Recent “Nature” paper used photothermal based nanoscale IR spectroscopy to study 3.7 billion year remains of old life

(a) IR chemical image of the absorption intensity at 2,230 cm-1 and (b) IR absorption spectra from 900 to 2,235 cm-1, indicating the presence of organic matter embedded in meteorites.

Santa Barbara, California – August 22, 2017 – Using Anasys Instruments’ nanoIR2™, AFM based nanoscale IR spectroscopy system, researchers in the Department of Chemistry at University of Copenhagen have confirmed potentially the oldest biogenic carbon relics in Earth’s geological record. The newly published paper in Nature concluded for the first time the presence of nitrile, anhydride, and possibly phosphate bonds with spatial resolutions of 10’s of nanometers, proving the presence of 3.7 billion year old remains of biological entities.

Associate Professor Tue Hassenkam and colleagues acquired nanoscale infrared spectra of liquid and solid inclusions in a 3.7 billion year old metasedimentary rock that have been effectively isolated from the environment since the time of its metamorphism. The nanoIR2™ from Anasys Instruments was used to acquire nanoscale IR spectroscopy measurements from the inclusions. “I was surprised to discover the level of resolution I could achieve with the nanoIR2 on these samples and its contribution to our research,” stated Hassenkam.

The nanoIR2 provides nanoscale IR absorption spectroscopy using a unique method that breaks the diffraction limit of conventional IR spectroscopy by >100x. Nanoscale IR spectroscopy is able to measure a wide range of material types, ranging from life sciences to 2D materials, polymeric systems, and more.
The research is supported by Danish National Research Foundation to Nordic Center for Earth Evolution, as well as the NanoGeoScience group.
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