SThM software

Released Software

SThM version 2.0.3237 – for 2000, XP
Date: 10 Feb 2011, Version: 2.0.3237

Download SThM

Once you’ve downloaded the file, just doubleclick on it to launch it and it will automatically install the software on your computer. This software is designed for use with the SThM or nano-TA2 systems, it will not work with the nano-TA system.

Before initial installation of this software, you need to install the USB drivers which allow USB communication with the SThM system. Please follow the instrucutions in the SThM manual which detail how to install and connect the SThM system with the computer. If you are upgrading your software from a previous version, there is no need to download and reinstall the USB drivers. Please either e-mail [email protected] or call 805 730 3310 to get the drivers if you need them.