Nano thermal analysis

Local Thermal Analysis via Thermo-mechanical analysis (TMA)

First, the nanoTA probe is used to generate an AFM image, allowing the user to identify points for local thermal property information. After the point of interest is selected, the probe is moved to the fixed point on the sample surface. The temperature of the tip is then ramped linearly with time, while the degree of bending is monitored. At the point of phase transition, the material beneath the tip softens, and the probe penetrates into the sample. This process provides the nanoscale equivalent of a bulk thermo-mechanical analysis experiment, measuring the phase transition temperatures of the sample (such as Tg or Tm).

Nanoscale Thermal Analysis (nanoTA)

nanoTA of multilayer BOPP Film with image showing core, skin (1μm) and epoxy layer. Penetration holes are shown in the core and skin layer.

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