tip is oscillated at a resonance
frequency, in tapping mode, and
intermittently contacts the surface. When
IR wavelength matches the material
absorption bands, rapid, pulsed,
thermal expansion occurs.

High speed, pulsed, tuneable
IR laser light is focused onto
the sample at the AFM
tip location.

The laser pulse rate is tuned
to match the characteristics
of the AFM cantilever.

This photothermal expansion, due to sample
absorption, causes an increase in amplitude at
an alternate oscillation mode of the cantilever.

A local infrared spectrum of the sample is generated
by monitoring the cantilever amplitude as the laser
wavelength is swept across the full range.

Tapping AFM-IR

The highest performance nanoscale IR chemical imaging solution

  • 10nm resolution and monolayer sensitivity IR chemical imaging
  • High speed chemical imaging - 10x faster
  • Direct FTIR correlation enabling nanoscale FTIR
  • Achieve the highest nanoIR performance with Tapping AFM-IR and FASTspectra

Read the Tapping AFM-IR data sheet

Anasys Instruments’ new patented Tapping AFM-IR mode is the most advanced development in nanoscale IR technology, providing the highest spatial resolution for chemical imaging, enabling monolayer measurement sensitivity and extends the applications of nanoIR to a broader range of samples.

By extending Anasys Instruments patented Resonance Enhanced AFM-IR technique to include tapping mode operation, Tapping AFM-IR extends the boundaries of performance for nanoscale IR spectroscopy. Additionally, the combination of Tapping AFM-IR and patented FASTspectra capability provides users with the most advanced, highest performance nanoscale IR spectroscopy capability with direct correlation to FTIR libraries.

Tapping AFM-IR imaging on 5nm biological membrane at 1660 cm-1

tappingpagespectra IR line profile shows <10 nm chemical spatial resolution using Tapping AFM-IR mode

High resolution, high sensitivity

Tapping AFM-IR has patented features that enhance the resolution of measurement to resolve chemical features down to 10 nm. For many applications, Tapping AFM-IR is now only limited by the resolution of the probe. Resonance enhanced AFM-IR has continually demonstrated monolayer sensitivity to enable chemical analysis on the thinnest of surface layers.

High speed chemical imaging - 10x faster

Tapping AFM-IR improves typical chemical imaging speed by 10x without loss of performance, so you can achieve high resolution imaging faster or choose to take more data in the same amount time.

Highest performance spectroscopy and imaging

The combination of Tapping AFM-IR and FASTspectra provide the highest performance available for nanoscale IR Spectroscopy, extending the boundary to make new discoveries. FASTspectra AFM-IR based spectroscopy is simply the most powerful nanoscale IR spectroscopy capability available. It has excellent spectral resolution and high sensitivity, delivering rich detailed spectra that directly correlate to transmission based FTIR.

New applications

Tapping AFM-IR addresses a broad range of material types, and extends capabilities into beyond those most suited by contact mode. New research possibilities are now available in a wide range of areas such as life sciences, nanoparticles and soft polymer materials due to its softer measurement approach.
Tapping AFM-IR Illustration Tapping AFM-IR demonstrates sub 10 nm imaging resolution on block co-polymer substrate of PS/PMMA, as shown in cross-section.

High resolution IR chemical imaging

Tapping AFM-IR provides high resolution chemical imaging of PS/PMMA co-polymer at 1730cm-1 and 1492cm-1. The images are combined to show chemical contrast.