World’s first installation of multi-technique, nanoscale IR spectroscopy system at a synchrotron source


Santa Barbara, California – October 31st, 2016 – The SOLEIL Synchrotron, Saint Aubin, France, and Anasys Instruments, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, announce the world’s first commissioning at a synchrotron source of the nanoIR2-s, a nanoscale IR spectroscopy system, providing both AFM-IR and IR scattering SNOM (s-SNOM) capabilities with spatial resolution as low as 10 nm.

Ferenc Borondics, Principal Beamline Scientist at the SMIS beamline in SOLEIL, stated: “We are pleased with the rapid, successful installation of the nanoIR2-s and that we are already generating data for our users with the laser sources. Full commissioning of the instrument is expected to be done before the end of 2016 and will be open to users in 2017. We chose the nanoIR2-s for the SOLEIL Synchrotron because it is the perfect tool for a multi-user facility where a wide spectrum of users, ranging from soft matter (biological samples, polymers and organics) to condensed matter (inorganics, plasmonics, 2D materials and photonics) researchers, apply for measurement time.”

Ferenc continued, “We have found AFM-IR to be suitable for soft matter researchers who often prefer easily interpretable data, and s-SNOM to be a very powerful technique for researchers who want to obtain more information about the complex optical properties of their samples.”

Roshan Shetty, CEO of Anasys Instruments stated: “We are pleased with the successful installation of the nanoIR2-s for nano-FTIR capabilities at the SOLEIL synchrotron, and excited for the contribution this system will provide the scientific community.”

The system is located at the SMIS spectromicroscopy beamline, which delivers high brilliance infrared radiation in the 2.5-100 µm spectral range. The beamline is dedicated to microscopic analysis of a variety of samples, spanning from condensed matter through polymer films and multilayers, minerals and other geological materials, biological and biomedical samples, to archaeology.

The SMIS beamline and Anasys Instruments will collaborate to ensure the continued development of the nanoIR2-s system for synchrotron related applications

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